Odds are, if you’ve ever purchased a home, you know it can be riddled with complications and hurdles. Even if the neighborhoods you’re searching in are only a few miles away from your current home.

“But what do I do if I want to be a home in a different state?”

Well, it is a bit more tedious but overall the process will be pretty familiar. 

So if you have an itch to make a move from the Prairie State to the Golden State (or The Sunshine State) read below for your how-to guide!


STEP 1: Due Diligence

The first step of any journey is to always to identify the destination. So it makes sense that this is where your remote home search will start as well. 

Some questions you’re going to want to answer as early as possible are:

What is important to you in finding a new community? (Think schools, shopping, transit etc)

What does your next home look like? Are you looking to downsize or are you hoping to move up?

What price range am I looking for?  (It’s never too early to start talking to your lender to get an idea a good idea of what you might qualify for.)

This 1st step is also a great time to find the perfect Realtor to partner with in your desired area. You’re looking for someone who has done business in the area you are hoping to purchase and can help you understand the nuances of the different communities.

Pro Tip: We work with hundreds of Realtors all of America and can put you in touch with the top agent in your desired location. Saving you the headache of interviewing dozens of agents and filling out endless request forms.


STEP 2: Plan to Travel

Doing your homework and finding a great agent to partner with will be critical to your success in cross-country home shopping. 

Eventually, you will have to see homes in person and get a real “feel” for the areas. So be sure to set up travel contingencies as early as possible. (Read put some cash aside for flights and hotels throughout your shopping time frame). Get the days in your company calendar ASAP.

Additionally, be sure to carve out the time to explore the neighborhood and local amenities by scheduling time for dinner and to walk the neighborhood.


STEP 3: Be Creative

It’s not unheard of for you to find a home that has a lot of attention. This would put you in a situation where you would have to put in an offer site-unseen. A terrifying prospect for most home buyers.

Additionally, be sure to carve out downtime to explore the neighborhood and local amenities by scheduling time for dinner and to walk the neighborhood.



Enjoy the home search and cheers to new horizons!