It’s almost time to welcome in a new decade! With the changing of the year, design trends will inevitably change as well. What can you do to make your home more attractive to buyers? Here are some predictions from Chicago Agent Magazine.


Soft, muted paint colors are expected to make a comeback. Check out Benjamin Moore’s predictions for popular colors this year:

As far as cabinets to go with these colors, surprise! Wood cabinets are making a comeback! For the past few years, all white cabinetry has been a must-have for buyers, but now we are expecting to see this trend reverse as buyers embrace a more rustic vibe. So hold off on painting or replacing those cabinets for now. Instead, consider investing in some special, customized features, such as wood drawers, pullout shelving, and range hoods.


Half-baths are a chance to make a bold statement! Buyers are expected to appreciate memorable décor in a smaller space such as the half-bath. Consider a feature wallpaper or other eye-catching material, such as a rich wood or metallic.

In the full baths, we may be seeing a return of tile work, specifically bathtub aprons. This is a cheap, easy improvement you can do that will make your bath stand out! Waterproof wood is a great choice as well.

Another, more unusual feature buyers are starting to look for is additional seating in the master bath. A built-in stool or bench is often appreciated!


While paint colors are being toned down, home décor and accessories are a chance to add some warmth and color. We might see corals, light pinks, and ochres become popular choices for rugs, throw pillows, etc.

We’ll have to wait and see what else the new year has in store! Happy 2020, everyone!