Britta Spanke

Britta Spanke

Realtor | Buyer Specialist

  • Cell: (630) 544-7229
  • Office: (630) 425-2868
  • Office Location: Naperville

About Britta Spanke

Britta is a buyer specialist. Britta has the patience and knowledge to help her clients get the best price possible. She has 4+ years of real estate experience and over 15 years of sales experience.

In my free time you will find me: enjoying on-line window shopping, enjoying time with family and friends or watching my kids play sports!

My favorite feature in a home is: the basement bar. I love seeing all the different styles of bars, like what type of flooring they have, the size of the bar, if they have a dishwasher or wine fridge, how many people it seats and most importantly is it’s purpose to watch sports or just enjoy a drink with a few friends. Whatever the purpose I love basement bars!

What I love about my team: I love the energy and chemistry our team has. We all truly enjoy each others company and it feels like we have been together for years. There is always a team member that has your back or can help out in a pinch. We also have a wide variety of experience, from being in the business for 15 years to newly licensed. I think this keeps everything fresh but knowledgeable.

Puppies vs Kittens: I love both!

Why am I the right agent for you: I am the right agent for you because I am like your best friend while actually knowing what I am talking about. I will be honest with you and never try to sell you on something that we both know isn’t right. I will get excited with you, but keep your feet on the ground and your head in the game. I will never let you pay more than you should but will also tell you we you need to put more skin in the game. I will hold your hand when needed or back off when you need a little breathing space. I will be patient but nudge you along when the time is right.